Are you insecure about your yellow or discolored teeth? Want to transform your smile? Cosmetic dentistry is just the right option for you! Cosmetic dentistry provides solutions to different dental issues and provides you with the smile of your dreams! 

There are different ways you can achieve white teeth. The most common teeth whitening strategies include

  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Take home teeth whitening kits
  • Over-the-counter products
  • Home remedies like baking soda

However, the best way to ensure that you receive the brightest smile and teeth without much damage to your teeth is by opting for professional teeth whitening treatment. It is important to have your teeth whitened by a professional for the following reasons.

  • Evenly Whitened Teeth

If you are planning to whiten your teeth with over-the-counter products, it can cause sensitivity and cause serious damage. If not used correctly, it can also cause patchiness making your teeth look worse than before. Therefore you should get your teeth whitened by a professional teeth whitening treatment in Lubbock, TX. A dental professional will make a custom plan for your teeth and give you the perfect smile with evenly whitened teeth. If you prefer a professional take-home kit, a cosmetic dentist will create a special solution based on your requirement and make custom-fit trays ensuring the gel won’t touch your gums and make your teeth sensitive.

  • To Remove Stubborn Stains

Over time teeth tend to stain based on food, drinks, and lifestyle habits. Some stains are developed over the years and can go deep into the enamel-like fluorosis or tetracycline stains. These stains are tough to remove and can be only removed with a strong concentration of peroxide gel. The whitening solutions sold in drugstores have a low concentration of peroxide and are made to remove tough stains. A professional cosmetic dentist in Lubbock, TX, will apply the gel based on the staining of your teeth and provide you with even white teeth.

  • Quicker Results 

If you use home remedies to whiten your teeth or over-the-counter products they can take several sessions over the week to see some results. Moreover, a cosmetic dentist will make your teeth lighter by 8 shades, within one session.

  • Safer For Your Teeth

Before whitening your teeth a good dentist will perform an oral exam to ensure there are no dental issues. If there are any dental problems such as cavities or gum disease before teeth whitening, the dentist will get them fixed before proceeding with the treatment.

If you try to whiten your teeth with over-the-counter products and you have a cavity it can cause excruciating pain. Moreover, the one size fits all kit will not fit your teeth perfectly and can cause sensitivity, irritation, or even bleach your gums! Therefore it is essential to go to a professional teeth whitening treatment to get your perfect smile.

  • Consulting A Professional

It is vital to consult a dentist in Lubbock, TX, before whitening your teeth, as it may not work for everyone. If you smoke or consume tobacco, it can cause permanent stains and won’t be whitened. You can opt for dental veneers to achieve a white smile. Similarly, if your tooth is discolored because of a tooth abscess, no amount of treatment will fix your infected or dead tooth. Therefore, it is important to consult a good dentist to ensure teeth whitening is the right treatment for you!

Teeth Whitening Treatment In Lubbock, TX

If you feel insecure about the color of your teeth and want to transform your smile, contact us now! At Dental Group Of Lubbock, we provide you with the smile of your dreams and protect your teeth. Book an appointment today to get the best teeth whitening treatment in Lubbock, TX.