Root Canal Therapy


“The dentists and staff are always so nice and accommodating. I have a major fear of having dental work done, but they always make sure I’m relaxed and don’t feel any pain.” Stefani B.

Root canals have a bad reputation. But at Dental Group of Lubbock, we want you to know that they don’t have to be traumatic. And, having one could keep you from losing a tooth. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it could mean the nerve of your tooth is exposed or infected:

  • a severe toothache
  • pain when chewing or when pressure is applied
  • prolonged sensitivity to temperatures
  • dark discoloration of the tooth
  • swelling and tenderness in the surrounding gums

Our team at Dental Group of Lubbock may be able to save your problem tooth with a simple root canal procedure.

Since comfort is one of our top priorities, most root canals we perform at Dental Group of Lubbock feel similar in sensation to having a tooth filled. Contact us to schedule an appointment at our Lubbock, TX office and we’ll handle the rest.