Gum Disease Treatment


“I truly loved the experience of my dental cleaning as it was much better with the water than the traditional scraping along [the] gum line. I also appreciated the complete exam with honest and practical answers.” Tammy B.

Good dental hygiene includes attentive care of your teeth and gums. But sometimes, gums need extra help.

At Dental Group of Lubbock, we want to help you prevent and treat periodontal disease before it deteriorates your smile. So, at every visit, our team checks for signs of gingivitis, the earliest stage of periodontitis. Catching and addressing it right away can help save you from potential tooth loss and extensive treatment.

The important thing to remember is that no mouth is hopeless! Even if you already have periodontitis, our Dental Group of Lubbock team can help. Contact us to schedule an assessment at our Lubbock, TX office as soon as possible. You’ll be glad you did.

Many people experience anxiety or shame around dental care—but rest assured, we’ve seen it all and we won’t judge. Don’t suffer with deteriorating teeth or gums. Let our team at Dental Group of Lubbock help.