Veneers are a versatile treatment that corrects a wide range of smile imperfections by hiding them with thin, customized porcelain or resin shell. Veneers look natural, are comfortable, and fit securely – because they’re customized just for your smile. 

Best of all, veneers are extremely flexible, fixing more oral flaws than you may think. Veneers get custom-colored to match the shade of your existing teeth. Veneers can be easily applied to one or many teeth. And it generally needs just two appointments to absolutely and painlessly transform your smile.

6 Oral Issues That Can Solve With Dental Veneers

1. Minor Imperfections

If you have little space between your teeth, you might think that your only option is orthodontic treatment, but veneers can also correct minor flaws of space or gaps. Dental veneers don’t physically move your teeth to address mild alignment flaws, like crookedness and gaps. By placing the porcelain shell strategically, our Lubbock dentist hides these minor imperfections. 

2. Stained Teeth

“White teeth” is often listed as one of the most alluring smile features, but drinks and food can leave your teeth stained yellow. While professional teeth whitening treatments are useful, they won’t lighten teeth permanently stained due to medication. Because veneers are custom-made for you, each element of the veneers is personalized as per you and your specific goals.

3. Cracks & Chips

Cracks and chips are common dental injuries that have cosmetic and health problems. Not only does a chip impact the look of your tooth, but chips and cracks also make your teeth weak. In turn, this causes tooth sensitivity & additional harm or infection. Plus, a sharp edge of a chipped tooth can slash your tongue or lip when you talk or chew. 

Porcelain veneers fix cracks and chips effortlessly. When each porcelain shell is cemented straight onto your tooth, it adds resilience and sustains your tooth. It helps stop the crack from worsening, protects your tongue from cuts, and enhances the look of your smile by concealing irregularities due to chips. 

4. Correcting An Uneven Smile

If your teeth are smaller than average, it can create a “gummy smile.” Veneers can fix a gummy smile by restoring balance to your smile. Dental veneers can correct an unbalanced smile by altering the size and shape of your teeth. In other words, veneers can make little teeth look bigger, and improve the appearance of your one or many deformed teeth.

5. Removal Of Pitfalls 

Uneven gaps and chips have dental health risks. Irregular gaps can trap food and waste, creating the perfect atmosphere for bacteria and plaque to accumulate. Chips can also raise your risk of oral diseases if the crack is untreated. Veneers solve potential pitfalls by closing the gaps and concealing chips.

Veneers are easy to clean and maintain. You can continue to brush and floss as you would daily & follow your oral hygiene regimen of brushing twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash.

6. Damaged Enamel

Your teeth have a protective layer of enamel that’s excessively strong. Still, enamel can degenerate. When this happens, it leaves your teeth exposed to damage or decay. In that case, we can add extra protection with veneers to help detour dental issues from forming in the future.

Reach Out For Dental Veneers In Lubbock

Have you ever wondered how these celebrities have the most beautiful smile? Well, that is all because of dental veneers! And, now getting dental veneers is not as hard as it was once. They are not costly & if you live in Lubbock you have the best cosmetic dentist in your area. 

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