What have you come to expect at the dentist? Are you anxious and worried because of experiences far in the past? Dental care is changing for the better, and you may find that there are many new dental technologies and approaches that will make your time at our dental office more pleasant and effective.

Advanced Imaging

Advances in digital X rays make the x ray process quicker, clearer, and can aid in timely diagnosis and treatment. Digital X Rays can be accessed immediately, faster than traditional film, and the radiation dose is lower, making them safer for patients as well.

Optical equipment has improved also, making it easier for your dentist to spot a cavity, or address an issue before it becomes worse. Both of these new dental technologies have been game changers for the average patient, saving you time and often giving your dentist a clearer picture of your oral health.

Digital Dentistry

Products that allow your dentist to use digital technology to map your mouth assist your dentist in creating dentures in a fraction of the time more traditional approaches do.
Things such as Invisalign are possible because of the advances that computer technology give to dentists, better enabling them to plan your treatment and help you obtain a beautiful and healthy smile.

Smart Toothbrushes

Smart technology has even come to the humble toothbrush. These high tech options can assist in understanding how thoroughly you brush, which places you routinely miss, whether you are brushing too hard or too soft, and how to better maintain a clean mouth and teeth. This is one of the new dental technologies that you can actually take home with you, they can be a powerful tool to improve your oral hygiene, and help prevent tooth decay.

Implant Technology

Advances in dentistry have impacted the reality of lost or missing teeth. No longer are dentures the only option, but implants are now available to replace single or multiple teeth with realistic looking long term solutions that look and feel like natural teeth.

Better Bonding and Filling Material

Dentists have more options than ever before to repair cavities with materials that look better, and bond more effectively. No longer are ugly amalgam fillings the only standard, but there are beautiful almost unnoticeable options that can maintain the beauty of your smile, and its health too!

These new dental technologies don’t just make your dentist’s job easier, they benefit you in the long run, giving you better options for more comfortable and timely care. Stop by our Lubbock office  today to see how we can use the technologies at our disposal to best treat your beautiful smile!